TileDB-R is a R interface to the TileDB Storage Manager.

Warning: The R interface to TileDB is under development and the API is subject to change.


TileDB needs to be installed beforehand (from a package or from source) for the TileDB-R package to build and link correctly:


The TileDB-Rpackage has not been published on CRAN and must be installed from source.

The most recent released version can be installed from Github using the package devtools.

If the TileDB library is installed in a custom location, you need to pass the explicit path:

To build the latest development version of TileDB-R:


Note The TileDB-R package is developed against latest stable (v1.3.x) version of TileDB


If you are using the TileDB Conda package, you may need to explicitly add the conda path after activating the environment with conda activate tiledb. More information on the TileDB conda installation documentation page.

Developer Documentation

Instructions for setting up a RStudio devlopment environment, building, and testing the TileDB-R package are located in the developer documentation wiki.