Note that for actually setting persistent values, the (altered) config object needs to used to create (or update) the tiledb_ctx object. Similarly, to check whether values are set, one should use the config method of the of the tiledb_ctx object. Examples for this are ctx <- tiledb_ctx(limitTileDBCores()) to use updated configuration values to create a context object, and cfg <- config(ctx) to retrieve it.

tiledb_config(config = NA_character_)



(optional) character vector of config parameter names, values


tiledb_config object


ctx <- tiledb_ctx(limitTileDBCores()) cfg <- tiledb_config() cfg["sm.tile_cache_size"]
#> sm.tile_cache_size #> "10000000"
# set tile cache size to custom value cfg <- tiledb_config(c("sm.tile_cache_size" = "100")) cfg["sm.tile_cache_size"]
#> sm.tile_cache_size #> "100"